Independence Day

Achieving Financial Freedom

The Fourth of July marks Independence Day in the US, where they celebrate the overthrow of the King and the birth of a new and modern democracy, with ‘justice and liberty for all’. I wonder whether this year will see half the country celebrating more enthusiastically than ever and the other half wondering whether they are returning to monarchic rule.

That aside, the date and the name got me thinking about what we do for our clients, as independence is an important goal for many and we take great pride in helping people achieve this. Independence can come in many forms, from helping clients retire early to rid themselves of the stressful job they have grown weary of, to helping those achieve a comfortable and enjoyable retirement where they are free from worries that their money will run out, to something in between, helping a business owner become independently wealthy from their company so that they can step away from work any time they wish.

We are only able to achieve this through careful, meticulous, long term planning. It starts at our very first meeting where we identify what is most important to you and can then take many years to come to fruition. We work with you over this period to ensure you are on track and if the goal of independence changes, we amend your plan and the path accordingly.

If you or someone you know is looking for independence of some form, please contact us and we will be delighted to help.

Here’s to more people celebrating independence on 4th July 2018.

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