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I met Catherine at a critical time in my life. My ex-husband and I were negotiating a final settlement that would grant me a lump sum. It would need to support me through my eventual retirement and last as long as I lived. While I was competent at managing weekly or even monthly budgets, any amount with an extra zero or two was deeply mysterious and a little scary.  Catherine took on the task of helping me to manage my finances. Looking back, I realise how lucky I was to find her.

The negotiations turned out to be longer and more strenuous than anticipated. Even when all was supposedly signed and sealed, last minute hurdles were terrifying challenges. Throughout, Catherine provided much needed support with a calm, reassuring approach that helped me through the difficult times. Subsequently, as we worked together to make my money work for me, her influence was profound. She had made efforts to understand the specifics of my situation, my needs, my hopes and my aspirations. She is very insightful and guided me (gently) towards constructive choices. I was soon very aware that, with Catherine’s help, I was doing the best I could with the money that was essential to my future. As a result, I learnt how to look at my finances as part of a bigger picture and developed a confidence I would have thought impossible. She helped me to feel in control of a new situation. Above all, she helped me to feel safe.

Those experiences contributed hugely to positive changes in my life since. That powerful mix of confidence and safety has had an impact on my work, my family relations, my choices. And now, a few years older and, I can claim, wiser, I am looking to the future feeling, financially, in as good a place as I can be and much better than I had anticipated. I know I would not be in this comfortable situation now if it wasn’t for Catherine’s unique combination of skills. Her practicality and her sense of direction, the clarity with which she communicates the complexities of finance and makes a mysterious world manageable, her ability to see the big picture while ensuring the details are in order. And especially, those skills that you don’t think about in the world of finance – her insight and empathy.


The Court of Protection department at Dean Wilson LLP has utilised the skill, experience, and expertise of Greenstone Financial Planning for many years. We have found Catherine and Natalya to be consistently diligent, caring, and proficient. They are always on hand to provide guidance or assistance, often at very short notice and enable our clients to pursue their goals. We continually receive feedback from our clients that they find Catherine to be approachable and engaging. Our clients feel an instant connection with Catherine and appreciate her gentle manner, patience, and ability to explain complex financial arrangements in a completely understandable way. Many of our clients have sustained brain injuries or have endured traumatic life events, having Financial Advisors that treat them with the respect and compassion that Greenstone do is incredibly valuable to us and to them.


‘Having worked with Catherine on a professional level for many years, I would not hesitate to recommend Greenstone.
Catherine’s approach to clients combines her absolute professionalism with her personable, kind nature.
Catherine undoubtably has her client at the forefront of her honest advice not only during meetings but importantly thereafter in the follow up.
This combined with her friendly and organised team make Greenstone highly reputable and I hope to work alongside them for many more years to come.’